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YourCharlie is a software program that helps companies collect video testimonials from their customers. We want everyone to be able to buy with confidence, without the risk of being ripped off by unscrupulous companies.

We have set up a charter of trust that our customers must respect in order to use our widgets to broadcast video testimonials.

Read the YourCharlie charter of trust

In order to obtain the badge of trust issued by YourCharlie, I agree to respect the following points:

– I invite real customers of my company with whom I’ve had at least one financial transaction in exchange for a product or service.

– I certify that my clients have not negotiated any remuneration in exchange for the recording of a video testimonial.

– I didn’t try to influence the customer’s words by providing a scenario or elements of an answer.

– I understand that I cannot change my client’s words in order not to mislead the public.

– I accept the authenticity of my clients and therefore the possibility that the testimonials may not be perfect in terms of image or manner of expression.

French company complying with RGPD standards.

Become a customer with confidence

Buyers are wary of companies they don’t know. There are too many bad experiences when shopping on the internet or with services. Buyers need to be sure of a company’s reputation based on social proof.

We are convinced that video testimonials are the best social proof. Authentic testimonials from real customers are the fastest way to build trust. See use cases.

For companies looking to enhance their reputation

YourCharlie helps companies to build a transparent and honest approach to improving their reputation and reassuring their prospects.
We have created
online software
that simplifies the production of video testimonials. YourCharlie guides you every step of the way, from collecting video responses to automatically broadcasting video montages on the website.

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