Effortlessly collect video testimonials from your customers

YourCharlie is a online software that helps you collect and display video testimonials on your website.

no subscription no commitment pay-for-performance

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They have increased their credibility with YourCharlie

Making a video testimonial is hell!

Listing your customers, inviting them, asking questions, getting the videos in the right format, editing… An incredible mental workload for a simple video testimonial. Makes you want to give up…

What if there was a solution to simplify and automate this process?


YourCharlie software

YourCharlie is an all-in-one software package that helps you produce video testimonials from your customers. You’ll be guided every step of the way to invite, collect and distribute social proof on your website as quickly as possible.

Invite your customers

1️⃣ Invite people to testify with our 3-language invitation templates and editable questions

Collect video responses

2️⃣ Your customers record their answers on video in a step-by-step questionnaire

Broadcast on your website

3️⃣ The video montage is automatically retrieved in vertical and square format.

Displaying video testimonials from satisfied customers on your pages reassures potential buyers and boosts sales.

It costs €0 to collect your first video testimonials.

Prices for YourCharlie credit packs range from €60 to €250 before tax.

There’s nothing to lose by trying YourCharlie. You only pay for performance. No subscription, no commitment.

Issue unlimited testimonial invitations to your customers, and pay only for the videos you want to see.

Registration is free, and your first video testimonial is free.