How can video testimonials boost your conversion?

A few years ago, video testimonials were only used by companies with large marketing budgets. Today, this is no longer just an option for major brands. Why so much power? The answer is simple: because people prefer to trust people they identify with rather than advertisements.

The power of recommendation.

Think of your family members, your friends, your colleagues…

One of the reasons you trust these people is because their opinion is genuine and you trust them. If they’re happy with their latest purchase, whether it’s a product or a service, they’ll tell you. And if you agree with them, you’ll have even more reason to buy.

This is what we call the strength of a recommendation.

That’s why video testimonials are so powerful on the Internet. This gives you the opportunity to show people your product in an authentic and real way, without superfluous advertising. By giving your customers a voice, you show that they’re happy with what you have to offer.

Authentic, spontaneous speech

Be careful not to fall into the trap of scripted video testimonials. If you show up with a big camera, a great shot and a bunch of questions that are just there to extol the virtues of your business… you’re on the wrong track!

Video testimonials have a much stronger impact when they are spontaneous and natural.

It’s because your customers will use their own words and speak naturally about their experience that you’ll achieve a positive impact. It’s the best way to capture your prospects’ attention and win them over.

Is a video testimonial stronger than a written opinion?

Social networks have completely changed the online reputation game. Internet users have become accustomed to consuming video. They want to see things, actions, people. People are more likely to spend time watching a customer’s testimonial video than reading hundreds of reviews.

And that has a direct impact on sales!

When you broadcast a video testimonial, it’s more likely to be a determining factor for potential customers. They’re more likely to buy if what you do really well is demonstrated and highlighted.

Showing diversity

It’s important to remember that video testimonials aren’t just a simple video of a single customer explaining why they buy from your company.

The more you can show different people with different stories, the more it will have a positive impact.

That’s how you increase the chances that your prospects will recognize themselves and feel concerned too. You give a human dimension to your product/service and show that you can satisfy them.

Reputation and brand image

To be truly effective, video testimonials need to be shared and promoted on your website, in your sales emails and on social networks.

It must add real value to the customer experience. It’s a highly effective way of demonstrating your expertise and customer satisfaction.

You’ll be sending a clear message to your potential customers. With us, no bullshit! Our customers are happy, and they even say so on video.

The positive impact of video testimonials on brand image is indisputable.


Video testimonials are a simple way of positively influencing the image that potential customers may have of your company, and much more quickly and effectively than in the past.

Be careful, however, not to try too hard to “master” the video testimonial, and be willing to leave room for the natural to be more convincing.