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What is the purpose of the shipment confirmation?

When you send an invitation, a confirmation pop-up appears.
It is very important to answer by pressing “Yes” or “No”.
Thanks to your response, the “Actions to do” are updated in your dashboard (“Relaunch…”, “Unblock…”, “Thank…”).
The send confirmation also updates the status of your invitations. You know when your last contact with your customer was. This helps you manage your invitation follow-up. In particular, to relaunch a customer if necessary 🙂

The various “Actions to do” :

  • “Request a testimonial”: You’ve “added your customer” but haven’t yet invited him to testify.
  • “Send request”: appears when you answer “NO” or do not respond to the request for confirmation that your invitation has been sent. Warning: this means that the status is not updated.
  • “Relaunch person”: is displayed as long as your guest has not given a testimonial following the sending of your invitation. Don’t hesitate to contact him again after a few days without a reply 🙂
  • “Unlock testimonial”: appears when your guest has recorded his testimonial and you can discover it (in exchange for 25 credits).
  • “Thank the person”: appears when you have unlocked your customer’s testimonial. You can send him a final message to thank him for his contribution.
  • “Congratulations”: You’ve thanked your guest for his testimonial. We congratulate you on completing all the steps 🙂