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How do I record my video testimonial?

When you receive your invitation to testify, click on the link in the message.

When you arrive on the page, you’ll see a motivational video of the person who invited you, explaining their approach.

By clicking on the “Record my testimonial” button: you agree to transfer your image rights to the company or person who invited you, and start answering the video questionnaire.

You then have 30 seconds to answer each question on video.

After each recording, you can review your answer before validating it, or start again as many times as you like.

We advise you to review each of your answers carefully before validating them, as you can’t go back once you’ve validated an answer. You will not be able to review your testimony in its entirety.

A smiling woman ready to record her video testimonial on the YourCharlie platform, with a call to action to 'do my testimonial'.
Nadège warmly invites us to record our testimonial on YourCharlie, sharing the authenticity and simplicity of the process.