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How can I distribute my testimonials?

Distributing your video testimonials is simple, and offers you several options.

Now that you’ve added subtitles to your testimonials and uploaded them, you’ll probably want to share them on your social networks, or on your website.

As a reminder, if you’d like to upload your video testimonials, here’s our tutorial: “How do I upload my subtitled video?”

Now let’s take a look at how you can broadcast your video testimonials.

Several options are available to you. We’ll start with social networking. Next, we’ll look at broadcasting directly to your website. Finally, we’ll be broadcasting your testimonials on Youtube.

1 – Broadcasting on your social networks:

To share your testimonials on your social networks, start by uploading them from the YourCharlie interface. Once downloaded, go to the social network of your choice. Now that you’re on your social network, create a post, then insert your video testimonial in square format. You can add text to your publication to give context, or additional information with the video testimonial you publish.

2 – Broadcasting on your website :

YourCharlie offers you several tools to broadcast your video testimonials on your website. These include the Carrousel, the Pop-up and the Wall of Love. You can find installation tutorials for these tools in our FAQ, or by clicking on each of the tools listed above.

3 – Broadcasting on Youtube :

Concerning the broadcasting of your testimonials on Youtube, we invite you to visit the following tutorial: “How do I broadcast my video testimonials on Youtube?”