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How can I broadcast my testimonials on Youtube?

Step 1: Create a YouTube account

Google account: If you don’t have one, create a Google account.

Open YouTube: Go to YouTube and log in with your Google account.

Step 2: Download the video

Upload button: Click on the camera icon (or create button) in the top right-hand corner of YouTube, then select ‘Upload video’.

Video selection : Select the video file on your computer and start downloading.

Step 3: Video details

Title: Give your video a meaningful title.

Description: Add a description of the video (you can include links or additional information here).

Tags: Add relevant tags to help users find your video.

Thumbnail: Choose an attractive thumbnail for your video.

Step 4: Privacy settings

Privacy: Choose ‘Public’ if you want everyone to be able to see your video. You can also choose ‘Unlisted’ or ‘Private’ to suit your needs.

Step 5: Publication

Once you’ve checked all the details, click on ‘Publish’ to upload your video to YouTube.

Step 6: Sharing

Once your video is online, you can share it using the direct link or the share buttons on social networks.

Additional tips:

– Check copyright: Make sure you have the right to use any third-party content in your video. This is the case for your testimonials recorded thanks to YourCharlie. Before we record your customers on video, we ask them to sign a transfer of image rights.
– Engage with your audience: Reply to comments under your video to create a community.

Your testimonial is now ready to be viewed on YouTube!