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Do I need to download an application?

YourCharlie offers a simplified and accessible video recording solution with its innovative online recorder. Unlike traditional software, our recorder requires no application download or installation, eliminating the need to worry about compatibility or updates. Operated directly from your device’s web browser, whether computer, tablet or smartphone, our tool guarantees total accessibility and exceptional ease of use.

Thanks to this browser-based approach, YourCharlie is an ideal solution for users looking to record quickly and efficiently, without worrying about technical aspects. Whether you’re a professional on the move, at home or in the office, YourCharlie meets your needs with unrivalled flexibility.

YourCharlie makes video recording a quick and easy task. Our secure platform also ensures the protection of your data, offering total peace of mind. Choose YourCharlie for a reliable, simple and efficient online registration experience.

Young man in hoodie participating in a video testimonial session on YourCharlie with the question 'What was your problem before calling Yourcharlie?' displayed on the screen.
Discover how YourCharlie simplifies the collection of customer testimonials with no download required – A user shares his experience directly online.