Software features

Comprehensive video testimonial software

YourCharlie is online software for collecting and distributing your video testimonials. It simplifies all the steps involved in producing a testimonial.

It helps you invite your customers to testify, collect their video responses and broadcast the automatic montage on your website.

Find out more about all the software’s features on this page.

Invite customers to testify

Customer directory in YourCharlie software.

To collect video customer testimonials, start by importing your address book into our software. Then customize the parameters: questions, motivational video, invitation template, reward. Finally, send your request by e-mail or Whatsapp.

Address book

Import your entire address book. A quick way to choose and invite your customers to testify.


Select the language spoken by your customers. They will receive invitations and instructions for recording their video testimonial in their chosen language.



Ask your customers up to 5 questions. They will have 30 seconds to respond. YourCharlie offers suggestions for questions.


Record a motivational video to increase your customers’ response rate.


Update your customer data. First name, last name and e-mail address for a legally valid transfer of rights.



Add a phone number to send invitations directly via WhatsApp.


Tell your customers what reward you’d like to offer in return for their video testimonial.

Sending invitations

You choose which channel to use to send your invitations: e-mail, WhatsApp… to optimize the response rate.

Video recording of responses

Gone are the days of organizing the shoot at the customer’s premises, and the travel expenses. With YourCharlie, customer interviews are conducted remotely and asynchronously. 30 seconds to answer each question, with the option of repeating and validating each question.

Video response form

No download

Your customers can testify in video remotely, on a web page, without having to download an application to their device.


The video recording page is compatible with computers, phones and even tablets. All you need is an Internet connection and a camera.

Image rights

Your customers are obliged to cede their image rights before they can access the questions. You are guaranteed to recover all rights.


Video recording

For each question, your customers have 30 seconds to answer. A countdown timer tells them how much time is left on each shot.

Gathering testimonials

Video testimonial collection

You receive instant your video testimonial on your interface. Unlock it and receive your video montage in seconds, automatically in 2 formats: square and vertical.


Trust badge

Our ambition is to be the trusted third party for video testimonials. We have therefore set up

a charter of trust

for our customers.


You can use our different text templates to thank your customers and give them a boost.

Automatic assembly

YourCharlie automatically edits the video of the testimonial, displaying your questions and associated answers.

Two formats

Automatic video editing is available in 2 different formats: vertical and square.


You can download all the original video files as recorded by your customer on their device.


You unlock the video testimonials of your choice. You only pay (with your credits) for what you want to see. It costs you nothing if you don’t unlock your testimonials.

Video distribution

YourCharlie saves you time distributing your video testimonials. We have both free and paid widgets to broadcast videos directly to your website.

Free Pop-Up

Your last 5 video testimonials at the bottom of your site, in a video player superimposed on your pages.

Big Pop-up

Up to 15 video testimonials at the bottom of your site in a video player superimposed on your pages.

Free Slider

Your last 5 testimonials free of charge in a carousel for integration on the pages of your choice.

Big Slider

Up to 15 video testimonials in a carousel for integration on the pages of your choice.

Video testimonial wall directly on your website

Wall of Love

Add unlimited testimonials to a video wall.

The Wall of Love has its own page hosted by us to share easily on social networks. The number of visitors and video playbacks is also unlimited.

The Wall of Love can be integrated on a page of your website using the HTML integration code.

See an example of the Wall of Love on this page.

No subscription required. You buy the broadcast duration you want: 3, 6 or 12 months.

Subscription-free software for collecting video testimonials.

The YourCharlie team has over 10 years’ experience in audiovisuals, video testimonials and technology. The software has therefore been designed to simplify all the steps involved in creating a video testimonial. Our aim is to help all companies gain easy, low-cost access to video testimonials.

no credit card required