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of your customers on video

You want video testimonials but can’t handle them? We do it for you.

They trust us


Why don’t you have
video testimonials?

But a customer who speaks up for you is second to none!

I don’t have the time

An entrepreneur’s schedule is often very full. Having video testimonials is important to you, you know it’s going to help you develop your business, but because your to-do list is as long as your arm, you’re always putting off the deadline.

I don’t know what questions to ask

A testimonial that says “my company is great” is useless. For a testimonial to be effective, your customer needs to go into detail. And that means asking the right questions. It’s not an easy exercise, you get stuck on the editorial aspect.

I don’t know how to do it

Should I call my customers and ask them out loud? send them an e-mail? and if they say no, what do I do? He told me he was going to do it, but it’s been 3 weeks and it’s still not done. Every customer is different, you doubt your methodology.

We’ve got the solution! 🤩

I propose to manage your YourCharlie account from A to Z.


Strategic Visio

An initial meeting with me to establish a strategy tailored to your business. The aim is for me to understand your business and the issues at stake, and for us to determine the questions.


Complete management

A member of my team is exclusively dedicated to you. He’s in charge of setting up your account, entering your customers’ information and monitoring their progress.


Customer contact

We know how to motivate and convince customers to record a video testimonial. We speak for you to your customers. You can be sure that your brand image is respected.


Customer follow-up

Sometimes, some are more reticent than others. We know how to be convincing without being insistent. Each of your customers is followed up manually by telephone and e-mail. No automation!

For the duration of our collaboration, we work with
with you.
We present ourselves as part of your team to your customers.

They are the best people to talk about YourCharlie Premium


Arthur Tanto is Chief Marketing Officer at Origami. He tells us how he boosted testimonial collection thanks to our premium service. Origami is a start-up reinventing training for young people and professionals undergoing retraining. Thanks to our services, Arthur no longer has to worry about customer testimonials. Within a month, they had recovered three testimonials – a real step forward compared to before! Take a look at the video alongside to see how our collaboration changed everything for them.


Charlie Premium is all about finding out who wants to testify and then opening the testimonial. No more excuses!
Pierre Gaubil

34 Elements

I’d like to thank the Yourcharlie team, and especially Melanie, for her hard work and determination, which enabled us to put together a multitude of high-quality customer video comments.
Roy Masliah

YourCharlie is what gets your business off the ground and makes your customers your best ambassadors! I can only recommend it, especially as the price of the service is derisory compared to what it provides 😇
Willy Davtian

Solar Zen

I’d like to thank you because I’m delighted to be using YourCharlie’s premium services 🙂 It saves me a lot of time and it’s very quick to sign me up for easy-to-use video testimonials. That’s great 🙂
Edmonde Chiesa


⚠️ Attention ⚠️
Places are limited.

To guarantee quality work, this premium service
is reserved for 10 motivated entrepreneurs each month.

How much does it cost?

No commitment, a simple and effective formula


* The price quoted is exclusively for the services provided. Credits for unlocking and viewing video testimonials are not included.

Frequently asked questions

Is there a commitment?

Our premium offer is a quarterly or annual subscription. At the end of the initial period, it is automatically renewed for an equivalent period. You may suspend your subscription at any time without charge or notice.

Are credits for unlocking testimonials included?

No. The premium offer is a service offer, and does not include credits in its price. The service provided only concerns the collection of your testimonials (strategic visio, customer creation, invitation, follow-up…).

What happens if my customer refuses?

We allow a slight margin of error, depending on the offer selected. If a customer refuses on the first call, we invite you to provide us with a new customer to contact.
On the other hand, if the customer refuses after several reminders, we don’t give him the option of replacing him.

Do you guarantee results?

We have an obligation of means, but unfortunately we can’t guarantee results. We’re not in your customers’ heads. We’ll do everything we can to give your customers the confidence to agree to make a video testimonial. Some will accept, others will refuse despite our best efforts. It’s a risk we have to take.

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