5 reasons to make customer testimonials UGC videos

Customer testimonials are appearing more and more frequently in the BtoB sector, but are still mostly in text format. And yet, making them in video means relying on the most widely consumed medium on the Internet. In fact, only 20% of prospects read the text on a page. 80% watch videos. If, on top of that, you use UGC as a lever…you’ve ticked all the boxes for a trendy growth strategy.

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Why make UGC video testimonials?

Why call in a team of professionals, whom you’ll have to travel to the customer’s premises to produce a video customer testimonial, which will have a very short lifespan on social networks and your website?

You’ll never get your money’s worth on the time and cost of travelling to produce this testimonial. On top of that, your audience will always wonder “What if it was an actor paid by the company?” or “It’s too good to be true”..

The video customer testimonial is a type of content that lends itself particularly well to a User Generated Content creation method. Here are 5 reasons:

add value to your customers

A customer testimonial in UGC video is more authentic

content strategy

Videos are perfect for social networking

increase your visibility

An authentic video will have more impact on networks

30%+ conversion rate

Video testimonials influence the act of buying

reduce costs

A UGC testimonial costs 100 times less on average

UGC video testimonials thanks to Charlie

At first glance, producing video customer testimonials using the User Generated Content method might seem ideal. But a problem soon arises: how to go about it? In fact, there are quite a few stages to go through: listing customers, contacting them, reassuring them, calling them back, recording their testimonials, recovering their image rights, editing, etc…

Fortunately, our Charlie tool is here to save you time. It’s an online software program that lets you contact your customers and record their testimonials. You automatically receive a video montage ready for broadcast.

Your time is too valuable to waste on follow-up calls. Focus on your business and Charlie will work with you to get the social proof you need to improve your reputation and convert more leads.

As well as saving time, you can’t learn all the communication skills needed to grow your business. You need to rely on tools that have been designed by experts in the field and are based on best practices. Particularly video, which is still a fairly technical field.

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Making video testimonials is clearly the best thing you can do in terms of content strategy: recommendation, authenticity, visibility, conversion, loyalty.

But be careful not to waste all your money and time producing them.

Your added value lies elsewhere.
Rely on automation tools such as Charlie to help you collect them.

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